Translate This!

Provide a literal English translation of the following sentence: itaque posterō diē Athēnīs discessērunt. Step 1) Look up what itaque means. Step 2) Look up what posterō means. Step 3) Look back at posterō and try to figure out why it’s not in glossary at the back of the book. Step 4) Find posterus-a-um in the back of the book and […]

Sorry, Everyone…

Sorry, guys. It turns out it was grammar charts. Language acquisition is the result of grammar charts. First, you memorize the grammar chart and then watch the acquisition happen. There’s research that supports this. Unfortunately, that research lives in Canada and doesn’t have a phone. It’s great research. The best research. Unbelievable research. A lot […]

What is Working and What is Not – Spring 2017

Hi, everyone. It’s been a while, so I thought I would share an update on how things have been going in the classroom this year. What is Working PQA (Personalized Questions and Answers). Just talking to kids about themselves in Latin is where most of the magic happens. Student-centered, compelling, simple, easy, conversations with young […]

Quis sum? – Listening Activity

The winter months can be a rough time for teachers and students alike, so I thought I would share a simple and fun activity to break up the routine. The activity is called “Quis sum?” (Who am I?). Language teachers have been using versions of the this forever, but here is how I use it […]