Welcome to CI Latin!

Welcome to my new blog!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a middle school Latin teacher who teaches Latin using Comprehensible Input.  I am fortunate enough to work in an incredible school district in Massachusetts with a thriving Latin program.  I just finished my second full year of teaching exclusively with CI.  So then why would I, being relatively new to this, start a blog?  Here are a few reasons why…

1) I am one of a growing number of Latin teachers who have transitioned from the traditional grammar/translation approach to a Comprehensible Input approach.  This kind of professional transformational is not easy for anyone. I was fortunate enough to have a number of truly great teachers to help me out, and they were crucial to making my first years teaching with CI a success.  With this blog, I am hoping to provide that same sort of support for the new wave of teachers who are embracing CI practices.

2) There aren’t a lot of resources for CI Latin teachers.  I want to share with you all as many of my practices and materials as I can.  Hopefully, you will find something that will help you in your classroom.

3) I want to share what I am doing in my classroom, for better or worse, in hopes of sparking discussions about best practices.  It is through receiving kind feedback and encouragement from friends that we all can grow as teachers.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!


One thought on “Welcome to CI Latin!

  1. I love your blog! Thanks for posting. I just started one (still in baby stages) at ClassicalRevival.com. Your content is incredibly helpful for young (not in age) teachers like myself.). I will be sharing it with my communities!


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