TPR Reading: Brando Brown Ch.4

Here is a great reading technique that I adapted from Cynthia Hitz ( This is how I used it to pre-teach vocabulary for chapter 4 of Brando Brown Canem Vult:

  1. I projected the following list of words on the board.

evigilat = wakes up

sonos facit = makes noises

obdormit = falls asleep

sumit = picks up

ponit = puts

iterum = again

timet = is afraid

umidus = wet

it = goes

inspicit = inspects

cibum petit = goes to get food

2. I assigned a word/phrase to each student or pair of students, depending on class size.

3. I gave them one minute to come up with a simple, clear and easily repeatable gesture for their word(s).

4. Each student, or pair, taught their gesture to the class.

5. We then practiced all of them a few times with me calling out the words in Latin.

6. I projected the story onto the board and read it aloud, while each student stood up and did their gesture every time they heard their word(s) mentioned.

Preparation: Writing that list of words in google doc.


a) My kids seemed to really enjoy the movement.

b) The gestures helped to re-establish meaning for students in a fun and engaging way.

c) Comprehension of the story was really high on the first read through.




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